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Sport Tours to Argentina

A destination for exciting programs. Unique and ideal. A passionate country. A sports nation. A world of diversities and travel opportunities.

Going through landscapes, climates and customs along the vast territory of Argentina, which merge, and at the same time distinguish themselves from other South American countries, travelers will discover in this continent endless experiences, in contact with the nature, the culture and the sports.

Whether they are young or adult groups, our programs are an authentic experience of the passionate rhythms of Latin America´s lifestyle.

From the devaluation of the currency (Argentine Peso), Argentina has become a super convenient destination for travelers, where they get the best value for money on the travel itself, the cheap costs for daily expenses and great shopping opportunities.

The magic of our programs in Argentina and South America is the result of a careful selection of destinations, meticulous planning and dedicated work.

Our goal is to meet the needs of each group, for any level of competition, taking care of the particular requirements of each sport, and advising on the ideal time of year to travel.

We combine the destinations that offer the best sports opportunities, the incomparable hospitality of the local teams, with the most incredible places, creating a fun and unforgettable travel experience!

Argentina, a country with a strong sports spirit, is the best destination for your next tour!

Come to play in Argentina!

Argentina and Sports

For whom?  Schools, clubs, universities, veterans, sport groups and associations.
What Sports?  Rugby, hockey, soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, swimming, golf, ski.
When?  From March to December

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