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Sport Tours Abroad

Going on tour is a mixture of excitement and expectations, curiosity to explore new places, meet people, play our favorite sports with friends, discover different customs, and have fun.

It is an opportunity to strengthen the group´s bonds, revalue teamwork, broaden horizons and enrich the knowledge. An ideal occasion to improve personal and group´s skills.

And why not? It is also the best excuse to enjoy an unforgettable and unique lifetime experience!

We try to recreate all of these in our tours, ensuring that they are dynamic and exciting.

Tours that we organize with the same passion with which we play; from the warm up to the end of the game!

We accompany the actions of the group to make it true, give advice during the process, put all the necessary resources at disposal, and monitor each stage of the trip, so that the final result were Happy Clients

For whom?  Schools, clubs, universities, veterans, sport groups and associations.
What Sports?  Rugby, hockey, soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, swimming, golf, ski.
When?:  Pre-season, post-season, getaways on free dates.

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